Mr Amr El Zoheiry Sherouk House

A quite challenging open ground space, this house at Sherouk city owned by Mr Amr and his Wife was supposed to be designed to be a beautiful, eclectic interior design along with items from the abstracted classical era. The open space in the ground floor; what’s called a reception composed of an open kitchen, a […]

Ms Sham El Zahaby East Town House

An open budget interior design + finishing project for a town house in East Town Compound in New Cairo. Going through many forward-backward phases in the interior design of this unit. Along with many spaces to design from the transparent master bathroom with the open jacuzzi zone to the eclectic reception zone, it was very […]

Nehal El Guendy House Rennovation

The Renovation of this house was a quite challenge for us to design and implement in 20 days ! Changing the use of the space from administrative to residential while removing walls, opening terraces and closing brick works for the sake of the use change of the space. However, the project was considered successful for […]

Eng. Ahmad Shahin House

This beautiful house in Yasmin 6, New Cairo has required us a certain challenge while working on. The client requested certain details with no major modification in the already built unit; that was so hard for us to create specific interior elements that best matches their style. The inside private sector was simply pure and […]

Private Villa at Yasmin

Private residential building at Yasmin, New Cairo that consists of Three Apartments, An Upper Roof house, basement and common lounge. The house is built on the Mediterranean style from the exterior elevations and the pure modernistic elements on the interior. The project included arched windows, hashemite stones for the elevations that are presented in such […]

KEP office

KE-Office, located in East Academy district in New Cairo. The office offers an extinctive interior space that reflects the identification of the new modernised concept. The space features meeting zones, wide reception, work space and managerial rooms. All finished in a quite neat and highly efficient materials that best suites the use of the spaces.

Ms Amal Farouk Villa

Located in DIAR Compound in New Cairo, lies a beautiful town house that is created to be a cozy interior modern house. The house consists of ground floor, first floor and a roof. Where each of the spaces are created with a very modernised simple elements to add a sense of simple and warm rich […]

Cafe & Eatery AT Nozha St.

Featured in Nozha St., Heliopolis, Cairo, this cafe and eatery has a special unique design on its own. It involves an outstanding outdoor design and an industrial interior space reflecting the spacious effect that the eatery guest shall feel in his visit to the space.

VEE Media Radio Station

Along side in Rehab, VEE Media has created a new online radio station based for underground music and new auditions. The studio is a unique creation from itself, created on the basis of dark cozy colours; matching the music produced effect. The play room is an extinctive space for the performers or announcers to feel […]

Dewells New Heliopolis

Enjoy a different vision for New Heliopolis city, KEP introduces and develop the Dewells residential twin houses complex when design meet needs. The project is a distinguished mini-compound in New Heliopolis city; developed by Heliopolis Company for Housing and Development. Where the mini-compound is developed by KEP (Khaled Eraky Properties) which is a leading company […]

Mr Ahmad Matar Quoronfel House

Still on the design phase, here’s one of our latest classical works; a multi-storey residential building in Quoronfel area in New Cairo. Built according to very extreme and tight conditions. The client was very satisfied with the result. Images of the project after the break.

Yasser K. Eraky

Marketing Manager, lead marketing manager in our firm. He is the one responsible for all the marketing and managerial functions. Yasser also runs Brand box a KE subsidiary,Brand Box is a branding agency founded by Yasser in 2014 specialized in food and beverage industry branding.

Sakalans Eatery – Sheraton Heliopolis

Situated in Ankara St. at Sheration Heliopolis area, there lies an antique store for selling traditional egyptian food. The store is designed as to be part of the street itself; balconies, windows, and street lighting features. The oriental design in all is a rustic idea that met a good direction with the type of presented […]

KE Building

One of the most interesting interiors a user will ever experience, once you enter the space you will have the feeling of huge modern pure space. Made of completely white walls, the double height and the stair case. It’s all architecture that talks about itself. The space has no decoration elements; the massing and the […]

Khaled Eraky, Founder

Architect Khaled Salah Eraky (1962-2013) Founder and Lead architect of KE-Architects, previously named Cairo Engineering Group. Started at 1987 when he founded the office. Worked with a quite large variety of clients, as well as a large variety of projects. Multi-Experienced as an architect and a business man. His most famous works are Masjed Al […]

Ahmed Magdy Nowia

With 3+ years of industry experience, Ahmed is the finest master planning specified designer in the firm. As a detail master, he is spending his career trying to create the ultimate state of human comfort through creating spaces that best suites its users. Ahmad was graduated from Arab Academy for Science & Technology and Maritime Transport with a Bachelor […]

Yosra Hassan El Sallaly

With 3+ years of industry experience, Yosra is one of the finest master planning specified designer in the firm. As a detail master, she is spending his career trying to create the ultimate state of human comfort through creating spaces that best suites its users. Yosra was graduated from the British University in Egypt with a Bachelor […]

Hossam Al Masry | Collaborating Architect

Member of Al Massry Group for construction and contracting, Hossam works as a collaborator with KE-Architects though he creates most of his designs through our firm, then executes them as a contractor.  Hossam is a well known for his rapid constructions and fine detailing typically as designed.

Omar Abdeen | Sites Manager

Omar is one of the very rare professionals who is able to very carefully handle the process of executing and carrying on the contracting of our projects. He has a very good procedure of handling labor men and typically running on the project in the real phase time.

Sameh Zaid | Lead Accountant

Sameh Zaid, with 10+ years of experience in operation calculations. He is lead accountant and the man responsible for all of the accounting and calculations of the building and contracting operation. 

Mohamed A. Moharram

With 5+ years of industry experience, Mohammed effectively have the maximum attention detail. As a great designer, he has spent his career trying to create the best atmosphere for works and subjecting the talent of the finest design ever. Mohamed graduated from Arab Academy for Science & Technology and Maritime Transport with a Bachelor degree […]