Cafe & Eatery AT Nozha St.

Featured in Nozha St., Heliopolis, Cairo, this cafe and eatery has a special unique design on its own. It involves an outstanding outdoor design and an industrial interior space reflecting the spacious effect that the eatery guest shall feel in his visit to the space.

Domera – New Cairo

when The famous domera of heliopolis have decided to open a new branch in new cairo they recruited us “i want it urban and not too faraway from the taste i serve” said domera owner in our first meeting. so we developed a formula that combines the contemporary architecture with a touch of the oriental […]

Harrods – Kuwait City

harrods the definition of luxury and quality , it was challenging for us in this project as the client was requiring a high standard facilitis in luxurious form and this was our target to create chemistry between functionality and class.

Hoyam – New Cairo

a new iconic cafe and restaurant in cairo aiming for covering branches all over the republic, a blend between modern architecture with a limitless touch of luxurious elements.

Hoyam – Porto Marina

the costal branch of hoyam , we was very careful to retain the chain’s identity with a glimpse of the costal location and the breath taking view.

Tabali Oriental Food – New Cairo

new eatery serving local Egyptian cuisine in high standard dimensions, the client decided to separate the identity of the cuisine and the atmosphere so our design team required cosmopolitan design.