Sakalans Eatery – Sheraton Heliopolis

Situated in Ankara St. at Sheration Heliopolis area, there lies an antique store for selling traditional egyptian food. The store is designed as to be part of the street itself; balconies, windows, and street lighting features. The oriental design in all is a rustic idea that met a good direction with the type of presented […]

Hossam Al Masry | Collaborating Architect

Member of Al Massry Group for construction and contracting, Hossam works as a collaborator with KE-Architects though he creates most of his designs through our firm, then executes them as a contractor.  Hossam is a well known for his rapid constructions and fine detailing typically as designed.

Omar Abdeen | Sites Manager

Omar is one of the very rare professionals who is able to very carefully handle the process of executing and carrying on the contracting of our projects. He has a very good procedure of handling labor men and typically running on the project in the real phase time.

Sameh Zaid | Lead Accountant

Sameh Zaid, with 10+ years of experience in operation calculations. He is lead accountant and the man responsible for all of the accounting and calculations of the building and contracting operation.