Contarch House

Client: KE Real Estate Developments
Location: New Cairo, South Academy
Design: 2006 – 2010

The start was in the middle of no-where. What gave this house a unique identity was that the architect is the owner of the House. From that came the idea of the name contemporary architect house (contarch house) To ensure the spirit of the personality of the house of an Egyptian architect, he decided to refer to the ancient Egyptian abstracted lines theme and transforming them into post-modernistic style. To be applied on every single element of the house building masses.

The architect applied his vision of such a concepts through different ways; starting from the roof tops to be inclined in a certain angle. Which represents the direction of the temples pointing to the sky. At the same time, the use of the inclined shading devices in the balconies in the other direction to balance the whole mass.

The above image is a night shot for the house from the back perspective. it shows different masses clustered and the use of the old-style abstracted column that has been carefully placed there.
The images at the left are for the interior of the house. Different living spaces for the family and guests. The strongly shown use of the wooden elements emphasise on the post-modernistic style.