Mr Amr El Zoheiry Sherouk House

A quite challenging open ground space, this house at Sherouk city owned by Mr Amr and his Wife was supposed to be designed to be a beautiful, eclectic interior design along with items from the abstracted classical era. The open space in the ground floor; what’s called a reception composed of an open kitchen, a dinning zone, reception, foyer and a semi-private living room. The open space -with a lot of central columns- was glass-wall

ed from almost all directions, overlooking the massive beautiful garden and the central neighbourhood park. To achieve a well-organised design along with the classical elements we had to use multiple translucent partitions made of wood.

The upper room with the attic and the pitched roof was also challenging as well. We had to use the english style bricks along with the natural wooden floorings to achieve an organised space. With the addition of several industrial elements like the edisson lamp and the fair-face walls.

The landscape was different from the usual; with no required swimming pool, it was substituted with an outdoor jacuzzi, sauna and a sun deck. Also the addition of a BBQ zone as kitchenette to serve the sun deck and the added central seating area in the two-thirds of the garden space. The central seating area was placed in the southern zone with a canopy evergreen tree to provide shade from the hot summer sun rays. Also adding a tent structure above the seating area for more shadow from the sun rays all day long.


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